One of the singular pleasures of playing a video game during my childhood was the ability to reboot or restart every time you lost. How many of us have wished for this to be true of life itself? However, if there is something 2020 has taught me, a second chance or a fresh start is rare in life.

Making mistakes is inevitable and often a guideline in itself to a better form of life, but we don’t have the luxury of time to make all the mistakes in the world. Sometimes it is better to just be able to observe the world and learn through the mistakes or errors of others, instead of reinventing the wheel. 

Through the power of observation comes the lessons that we have taken away from the strange year that has been 2020. Most have called it a year to be cancelled, wishing for its end, yet I feel its occurrence was a message of awakening in certain aspects that should not be ignored. For starters….

Don’t Take Anything For Granted:A walk in the park. A night out with friends. Your job. Your lungs. HUGGING. What is today, may not be tomorrow. Just like your past can be a valuable teacher, your present can be a valuable resource – the common ground they share is that they may not be there in your future. Make the most of the things that deliver you energy and cut out anything that doesn’t offer you value or drains your energy. 

Take a look at the things you buy, and ask yourself are they really the things you’ll need? Then examine the things you do and ask yourself how much time you need to be spending on that game that’s delivering a false sense of accomplishment because you finished building yet another virtual garden. 

Don’t wait for a better time to roll around to do the things you’ve wanted to do for yourself, even if it is catching a much-needed snooze. Also don’t forget to…

Reach Out & Connect: Sitting here in London, with my family so far away, I have a new-found love and appreciation for the closeness of family. I understand the importance of not being able to see my friends as often as I like and how connections can fall apart if they are not maintained with regular calls and open affirmations of love and support. In a bitter-sweet way, it also points out the people who are really around for you when you require them and accept the maybe ‘uncool’ but honest you, and the fair-weather lot who get in the way of your focus on establishing strong relationships. You are spreading powerful vibes by reaching out to people and spreading love when they need it the most. It’ll also surprise you and restore your faith in absolute strangers who will be there for you. You should definitely…

Meditate:On this and other aspects of your life. On nothing at all. We spend too much time judging the acts and actions of other people, and not focusing on the image we are portraying out there. Serenity will give way to clarity: when the waters of your mind are still, it is much easier to see what lies beneath. Find your focus and strengthen your vision. Or simply turn your sights inwards to have a conversation with your inner self. You can be your own best coach! 

Turn Ideas Into Action:The number of home kitchens, small business entrepreneurs, life-hack blogs that have cropped up to fulfil hobbies and convert passions into business is truly inspiring. If your inspiration can lead way to motivation, it will manifest into a successful outcome – the beauty of this success is, it doesn’t have to come in a pre-fitted definition. It doesn’t have to mean big money; it could just be fulfilling a lifelong passion of cooking or crafts. Either way, there is one thing you’ll be filled to the brim with by converting your ideas into action, and that’s confidence. Now isn’t that a win-win?! 

What are the lessons you have taken away from 2020? What do you feel you can live without that you couldn’t at the start of this year? Write in to me and share your thoughts! 

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