Even in this year of reckoning, I have to pay homage to the power of words. Despite the tumultuous happenings that we have all undergone this year, I have found silver glimmers of inspiration through the power-packed content that has been delivered by several leaders and one in particular, my sensei Bob Proctor.

Their words in turn have allowed me to reflect and deliver a few summations of the emotions, qualities and actions that I really believe in. This is my year-ender list of the seven quotes that I have come up with, and stuck to, and I hope they will stick with you too! 

Faith is your vehicle to step into the unknown and make it your own.

Faith is in knowing and believing in the higher power that is working to and through us. When stepping into the unknown, it will deliver us courage to overcome all doubts, fears and worries. 

Faith brings confidence and conviction into the existence of the things that are unseen. It thrives on positive expectations and is your best friend when in an unfamiliar situation. It is a tremendously powerful emotion that serves as your guardian angel in moments of uncertainty. This emotion is what helps in actualizing the imagined possibility into our reality. 

Vulnerability is not weakness. It’s the keystone to courage and confidence.

We have all been through pain, through discomfort. It is in our imperfections that we find utmost strength and courage. When you refuse to connect, when you suppress pain and feel ashamed about ‘feeling’, you will feel disconnected because you are not educating yourself about how you really feel. You are out of alignment with your truth which is the opposite direction from your quest of self-discovery and success. 

We regard a show of emotion when we are at a loss in our life as weak. But vulnerability helps you tap into these associations and shift your perception to what you need to overcome where you have failed. 

Show your vulnerability. It will help you heal. To uncover yourself without judgement and show up as just yourself is freeing and powerful. You are more accessible and human to those around you and you cannot be hurt. 

An increased awareness of what has hurt you, your brokenness is what will deliver courage onto you. It is what will make us all rise again in confidence. 

  Your perception of yourself is the strongest force within you.

We often stop to think about what other people think of us. But how often do we reflect on what we think about ourselves? Do we realise that what we feel about ourselves is being exhibited to the world outside? We are not projecting what we want, we are projecting who we are. 

This means your results will be synchronized to the inner image that is based on your perceptions about who you are, and what you feel you are worth. Which is why self-image is a strong force to provoke your inner confidence. 

Brilliant results reveal the perfect alignment of spirit, mind and body.

Spirit: Your feelings. Mind: Your Thoughts. Body: Your actions. 

The alignment of the three sets up the vibration that embodies the brilliance. Results and hard work are NOT correlated. The latter cannot guarantee the results you want. Brilliant results come only when there is an alignment of spirit, mind and body. Your results are directly correlated to the harmony of the three. 

 If serenity is the tree, clarity is the fruit it bears.

It is easy for the hunter to spot the shape of a fish if the waters he is hunting in are calm. Now picture yourself as the hunter, and the fish as your purpose: clearing your mind of turbulent emotions and negative thoughts, especially those that rise in the moment will unencumber your way to a clear means of achievement and manifest results.  

Clarity is the core of mind mastery. Quieting the wheels of your mind, immobilizing your attention, brings calmness. This calmness will bring order in your mind and in your life. 

Remember, a serene mind will allow you to deliver response with reason instead of a thoughtless reaction. 

Having a conversation with yourself doesn’t require talking, but it does deliver insight. 

Time is no one’s mistress. It can pass you by in the twinkling of an eye or slow down infinitely. When you stop everything else to just have a conversation with yourself, the latter often happens. It’s because you are no longer distracted by out worldly things and can pick through your thoughts at leisure. 

Ask yourself the questions no one else can ask you. Examine your priorities, your purposes from every angle. Motivate yourself. 

Transform your passion into your mission, and success will come to fruition.

Passion is your desire that has been translated to give above and beyond the basic requirement of your goals. It is what will decipher the goals that are important to you, for if you have passion for something, there is little that can deter you from doing it. 

Passion is the steam that keeps your train moving. Fuel it, and only then will you reach your destination!

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