Your Comfort Zone May Be Killing You: Here’s How To Break Out!

Before we begin on these reasons to break a mold that may seem like your security blanket against the world, I’d like to establish what a comfort zone or by my more accurate definition ‘a rut’ really is. ANYTHING that is affecting your ambition or potential by not embracing it or holding you back from exploring newer aspects within yourself is a blinding rut. Staying in this sort of a comfort zone where you are consciously stopping yourself from no other reason apart from a generic fear is killing off your ambition bit by bit and converting you into a stranger from your own self because you are no longer aware of your capabilities and capacities. 

So, get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Challenge yourself to explore unfamiliar settings so you make an acquaintance with that part of yourself that would respond when placed in these situations. Once you recognize new talents and new ability in your ‘uncomfortable’ zone you can actually apply your knowledge and learnings in life to accomplish things in life you didn’t know were possible! 

Here are some easy steps to get out of that fearful state and really embrace life:

Swim Towards The Deeper End: Move towards those niggling voices that are holding you back without any reason or logic. Don’t be afraid to switch things up or taking on something that thrills you so much you’re scared of it, like converting your passion into a career. Accept that ups and downs will come your way, but it is that rollercoaster which will allow you to live your life to the max.   

Take Absolutely Nothing For Granted: The salary you are currently earning, the relationship you’re in, the friends you have, the existence of your parents – take nothing for granted. When you are not complacent about these or any other vital aspects in your life, you’re bound to be more vigilant, pay more attention, and keep things alive. 

Ask Yourself The Questions That Go Unasked: Don’t back down from asking yourself or others tough questions, be it at the workplace or about life in general. ‘Where am I going to be 10 years from now?’ ‘What is the current health status of my parents?’ ‘

Questioning your decision to understand if you are morally correct when facing a tough situation is something, I find most people avoid until later. And then it is generally too late to reverse the nature of the deed you have sent out into the universe… 

Learn Something New: This one’s an oldie but a goodie. There’s almost nothing that will make you feel more uncomfortable, and there’s nothing that will get you to see a newer side of yourself. Remember that any new skill developed along the way is a value addition to your pool of resources and talents. It’s something you can store without hoarding precious space and has no expiry date. 

Volunteer: Take on something without any expectation of getting anything back. There are many people who do volunteer, but they don’t put their heart and soul into it. If you’re going to an old-age home, spend time talking to people you ordinarily wouldn’t have spoken to. Get to know about their lives, their people, revel in their side of the stories without judgement. Once you’ve opened your mind and your heart, you’ll be surprised at the depth of your emotional connectivity, and how that will eventually translate into reading between the lines with people in your life, and your own decisions. 

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