The capabilities of the human mind never cease to amaze me – on one hand, our thought process has the ability to actually manifest our intangible dreams into a physical reality. And on the other, it can play our own worst enemy by manipulating our perfectly concrete sense of self into something that doesn’t even exist!

It solidifies our subconscious observations into paradigms that we follow to shape our sense of the world and where we belong in it.   

If you’ve been feeling lost, lonely, let down and left with the weight of the world on your shoulders, here are 5 definitive steps to trim that ugly burden and strengthen your sense of being. Begin with asking yourself….

Which Spiral Are You Embracing?

If things feel like they’re constantly spiraling out of control, here’s to circle your thoughts back: Fixate on the outcome you’re trying to achieve and the positive results it will bring. Then work backwards to the present, highlighting the positive actions you undertake. Thinking of it like neatly arranging knocked over pieces from a chess set that your dog knocked over. It’s exasperating but oddly satisfying and sets you back onto your course. Here’s why:

Negative consequences are born of negative actions that are caused by negative thinking. The entire process then repeats itself sending you swirling into a downwards spiral. The same result takes place in the opposite direction when you’re training your mind to embrace positivity even during tough times.

Are You Making Things Simpler For Yourself?

It initially seems deceptively simple to slip into a negative spiral, but the backend effort is backbreaking: like a frown which eventually ends up using 40 muscles, whereas a smile only uses 4.

What we don’t realise is how heavy we’re making our life for ourselves by constantly carrying that burden of worries, anxiety and sadness on our shoulders.

The more you allow yourself to droop, the more this worry weight snowballs out of proportions making every task and life in itself more complicated. Efficiency relies on your ability to think, and act quickly. Quick solutions need you to feature a ‘can do’ attitude’. Here’s the quickest way to make things simpler and trash that worry weight: Just count your blessings and repeat your affirmations.

Are You Letting Things Go?

Grudges are cement sacks – carrying them around is like keeping a dog-eared folder of your great grandmother’s medical bills even though you’ve never met the woman! We don’t just hold grudges against other people; we often forget to forgive ourselves. How can you see the better brighter picture that’s eagerly waiting for you if a heavy cement sack is blocking your vision? 

This is where love comes in handy – did you know you have the ability to sum up all the love in the world? It’s what will blast those grudges into nothingness. Love yourself, forgive yourself, get along with yourself, so you can get along with others. Find good, genuine good, not the kinds you feel sorry for, and appreciate it wholesomely.

Are You Training Your Mind?

If you want to get into shape, you have to check in to a training course: Training your mind means replacing the habits that have been acquired over time by your subconscious observation of what takes place around you: a classic example is fretting or agonizing over something constantly. Our lives are fraught with this emotion, be it for an occurrence in the past, a future event that is yet to happen or even a present circumstance. It takes an endless amount of energy that could be better utilized to training your mind to embrace a state of happiness and comfort.

Which brings me to my last question: Are You Praying?

No one is asking you to join a religious cult or fill up your living room with a holy shrine. Religion in its purest form proves a great discipline for the mind to exercise affirmatives and positive spirit. Religion relies on faith to give it power and momentum. It is a skill that comes from daily conscious practice, not fervent requests during emergencies alone. Take what you can out of a religion or meditation and employ it to fill yourself with faith about yourself: power through those negative, potential blocking habits that have formed themselves over time, and allow your mind to see what it is capable of achieving once it is free of all that unnecessary, excessive worry weight! 

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