As the world turns, true confidence is one of those inevitable qualities that never goes out of fashion. Here’s simply why: Confidence is Irresistible!

If I have to describe it to you, the effect of a confident person in a room is like watching a single ray of sunlight magnified by ricocheting off several mirror-bound surfaces. The end result: an illuminated room! The effect is startlingly instantaneous due to its beautifully- infectious nature not unlike laughter (check out this endearing video out here to understand what I am referring to.)

 Confidence is a Trendsetter:

When you project confidence, people around you instantly feel more confident, because they trust in your abilities. This in turn allows them to follow your lead secure in their safety and belief. It’s setting a trend that everyone can’t get enough of.

As renowned actress Blake Lively says, “The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence.”

It is only when you are adorned in confidence that you can bring out qualities in other people that they didn’t know they had. Instead of letting them influence your state of being, inspire them to perform better, feel happier and more confident about themselves. 

 Confidence is Attractive Because it is a State of Mind:

Contrary to popular belief, confidence is not something that you either have or you don’t. It is a state of mind, something that anyone can develop over time with a clear vision, the right habits and a bit of direction. The thing about confidence is that if it’s not present, you are painfully aware. Maintaining confidence is also tricky when a challenge encroaches. But if you embrace it as your everyday armour, or as they say, when you know what you know, you’ll always come out on top.  

 Knowledge Is the Secret Recipe to Self-Confidence:

A battle is won when the general knows his enemy’s weakest points. Let’s face it, a fear of failure will always rear its head at certain times. However, when you’re armed with knowledge, you can even battle this fear because you aware of a definitive direction to coming out shining on the other side. Your inner state of certainty about the task at hand, will deliver an ability to your path without being led astray by naysayers or the impending size and nature of the challenge. Consider the uproar Darwin’s theory of evolution caused, before it was eventually accepted. Another stellar example is the revolutionary Professor Robert H. Goddard who was mocked during his time because he was confident about a rocket reaching space.

 This saying by Vincent Van Gogh sums it up pretty well, “If you hear a voice within you say, ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.”

Also, Know Yourself:

As the saying goes, KNOW THYSELF. The more aware you are about yourself, the more positive you feel, which allots to immeasurably better self-confidence. This means exploring not just your characteristics but also the principles you want to live your life by. Your principles act like a strange map: they may not always give you direction, but they will always tell you where NOT to go. Arm yourself with preparation as though your goal, or just life itself were a really important exam. Paint the image you want of yourself in our head. When you build that picture infuse it with positivity, and happiness, then direct your efforts towards realizing that picture for the world to see.  

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