If you have asked yourself why you’re still getting passed over for the job promotion or not meeting the right person as the world rolls on, here’s a small silver lining of assurance: you’re okay. And no, it’s not your fault.

Are we not good enough? No!

Are we not worthy? Absolutely Not!

Do we not want our desires as much as others? Maybe, but even that’s not a factor!

The singular summation of why you’re not acquiring what you desire is simply this: the energies you focus on what you desire do not match the frequency of the vibrations that your current status reflects. The biggest ordeal any of us have to undergo is to get out of our own ways and dissolve our own internal resistances. When you are sending a vague form of communication, don’t be surprised to acquire an equally ambiguous form of response from the Universe. You need to add to your energies through the power of focus. Focus on what you want to achieve, what you want to touch and taste and feel. Direct your energies away from negative spaces that encourage your inner saboteur. Keep looking out for signs. Pay attention to things that feel wrong or cause you pain; you are not meant to be devoting energy to them

The Universe listens to what you are putting out there, without reading between the lines because it loves and trusts you implicitly. Your message has to be clear and positive else the Universe feels the messages of low-esteem or negativity is what you appear to want. 

We have to learn to give in and meld our energies because they stem from the same source to become one with the Universe and put you in a state where you can open to receiving all that you want and are asking for. 

You are in charge of your own reality. You create it, just as you create your thoughts, your perceptions and then your actions. What you don’t realise is that through your own creation of actions inspired by desires, you are setting into motion the asks you need delivered through the energies you emit. Act like you have acquired what you need and want, and your message will manifest.

You are constantly emitting energy. But you create the environment to drum up that energy, change its volume, flow and aura from a mere trickle to powerful motes that pace through the Universe, strengthening your bond with it. Even if what you truly want is taking time to fully manifest, you are on the right track simply by paying attention and expanding your awareness. Don’t forget to live with gratitude during this time; it will enhance your vibrations by adding joy. 

Your mind’s eye is your creation pod. So, don’t hold yourself back from developing new creations in the form of new ideas, new perspectives and new actions – this is expansion, and your expansion will always be beautifully infinite just as the Universe will always be there to answer your energies and deliver what you are asking for.  

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