A great relationship with a partner, a parent or a friend is easy and effortless. It requires minimum effort. Sounds like a dream doesn’t it? It’s true.

A great relationship with a partner, a parent or a friend is easy and effortless. It requires minimum effort. Sounds like a dream doesn’t it? It’s true. 

See, we have been so conditioned by watching people around us to believe that we need to put in oodles of effort into making something work. Reality check: how can we work on or with someone else if we’re not aware about our innermost feelings, thoughts, beliefs and paradigms?

It’s really that simple! 

You can’t expect to align with someone if you’re not in alignment with yourself. It is your alignment that brings in harmony within you and around you in your relationships. I believe that we don’t need to work or put in effort in a relationship to make it work. The universe does not deny us anything, it wants us to have everything – this is the divine truth. Compromise is a man-made concept that stems from the limiting beliefs and greed that surround us. 

Our only job in a relationship and otherwise is the same: to work on ourselves to see the desire effect in our external reality.  

Here’s a for-instance: It’s easy to point the finger at the other person in your relationship, especially when the ‘honeymoon phase’ starts phasing out. There’s no shortage of why this happens. I find it is common to project past relationship problems, especially when you haven’t allowed yourself to find closure and come to terms with the last person and the troubles you had when you were dating. Before you react, check yourself: ask if you’ve been kind enough, appreciative enough and spent enough time on your partner or a particular circumstance that surrounds you. Are you just being defensive or responding in a manner that’s inoffensive. Are the communication channels open or based on an unrealistic expectation of predetermined realisation?

Sometimes, it’s not about your partner. It’s about you and your inner image that you are projecting to your person. The energy that is distributed emerges from the vibrations you are creating. Self-awareness is your and your relationship’s saviour in more ways than one. 

A relationship is also a goal – so visualise it the way you would a career 5 years from now, or any other purpose you want to realise. Visualising the kind of relationship you want provides you a standard, and an acute assessment of where you are and how you want to be. It paints a positive picture of love and joy – picture all of this and more. Focus on the positive qualities you want in your mate, and the positive image you see yourself upholding while in the relationship. 

Find your relationship affirmation whether you’re in a relationship or not. Practise it every day, just like you would with a self-affirmation. Remember, these are the energies you are sending out into the world, to attract similar energies back to you. Believe that you are, and then sit back and let the magic happen. 

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