We all, at any given point of time, have a range of voices that reverberate in our brain turning it to mush with indecision. How do you know which voice to listen to?!

Go to the gym. Blow off the gym and eat a pizza.

Quit the job. Find the job of your dreams.

We all, at any given point of time, have a range of voices that reverberate in our brain turning it to mush with indecision. How do you know which voice to listen to?! 

It is important to recognize that all these voices don’t stem from the same source, but different parts of our body. Eventually, we have to be able to differentiate between the voice that’s truly feeding our soul, or the ego that’s egging us onto a selfish decision. 

The biggest difference that I have always found between intuition and ego is the source of their origin: for me, ego has always come from past fears that can hold anyone as a prisoner. It cloaks the mind with a condescending attitude to say ‘no’ to the things that one would have learned to fear in the past. It is fear in disguise. Intuition on the other hand tends to originate from a place of encouragement and love. 

The negative and ‘rather loud’ voice of ego can easily carry over the more deeper-rooted sense of gut and confuse the mind. It is up to us to train our minds to listen beyond the noise to come to a true decision that will manifest in excellent results.    

Learning to differentiate:

In the opinion of the ego, you are setting yourself up to compete against somebody else, instead of focusing on your own true purpose. The ego does not come from inside you – it is based on external factors and minor materialistic results that are an inconsequential falsified need of the moment like an expensive outfit to show your value. 

Intuition is a more relaxed energy that does not arouse insecurity. It’s called ‘gut feeling’ for this reason: it stems from your insides and encourages you towards something. Intuition comes unburdened from a million reasons and logical explanations, simply because it does not need them. It is confident in its truth and will simply show up again and again in the same avatar when asked. It will direct you to something more wholesome and fulfilling.

I often find this an easy way to distinguish ego from intuition.

EGO: You ‘lose weight’ to look good at an old friend’s wedding.

INTUITION: You ‘get fit’ to lead a longer, healthier life.

It’s also the reason why we get so confused: the two often guide you towards seeking the same end result. However, it is the outcome that you need to focus on, which can be very different. The outcome is what influences you as a person, it’s what makes you evolve or devolve thereby building your future decisions to come.   

How does Intuition Work?

While we’re on the subject, there’s a myth I’d like to clear about intuition: It is not a sense or a magical epiphany that strikes you out of the blue. Intuition is a mental facility that we have been gifted with and it requires regular exercise. You have to learn to use it by reading the energy of the room, the person. When you do so, your mind is able to make correctly estimated judgements before you can even recognize why you have arrived at such a decision, such as knowing that a person is lying to you or that a particular work of art that you are viewing is a fake.  

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