We often talk about manifesting our goals. But we rarely talk about manifesting the discipline that’s needed to acquire these goals. For most of us, discipline has proved (and continues) to be elusive. How is it that some of us can order a salad and ignore pizza? How do some people get up at 5am to go for a run in the dark, while others press snooze on their phones? 

Do they ingest some magical powder that the others don’t have access to? Or are they just born with it? 

It’s neither of these things… or the 100 other excuses you’re probably going to give yourself. 

Here’s the real secret: successful people dislike doing these things just as much as the next person. They do them all the same, because they realise that’s how they’re going to get to where they want to be. 

It’s pretty easy to sum up, if you think about it: Do something when you want to do it the least. Then do it again. ACCEPT being uncomfortable. That’s discipline. 

An often-underappreciated side of us humans is our insane ability to adapt: Try taking someone’s complicated coffee order at Starbucks in under 20 seconds. Seemingly impossible right? Then how does their staff do it so effortlessly? They do it under repetition because it’s their job even if they may not want to…. Aka discipline. 

Discipline may be tough to procure. But there’s nothing sweeter than the fruit it begets. You have to start by accepting that being productive or keeping the momentum going is the way ahead, and it’s the only way ahead. 

Instead of thinking why things don’t work for you, start working on those things.

Discipline is driven by positivity. And positivity, just like discipline is best produced inside yourself. The negativity of the world cannot touch you when you are programmed to stick to your course. In fact, with the power you now harness you can convert every naysayer’s nonsense into the drive you need to propel you further. 

Train your mind to absorb positivity by consciously picking the environment you’re in, be it the news you’re watching or the people you hang out with. Spend time with those who give your intellect a challenge so you can discipline yourself into channeling better information. 

Discipline is a test of self-trust. Giving yourself a command and then being able to follow through is a sign that you can rely on yourself without condition. We’ve conditioned ourselves to associate discipline with monotony and punishment. In reality, self-discipline can be thrilling because it sets you a challenge to become better every day than your previous self. And when you achieve it? It’s a high like no other. 

If you believe you are lazy, then you can also believe you are hardworking. If you believe in ghosts, then you will also believe in ghostbusters. It starts and ends with you. You manifest your reality. You are in control. All you need to do is discipline yourself to believe it.

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