Tips to Turn Negative Results into a Positive Outcomes by Adding a ‘Yet’​?

Negative emotions and bad experiences leave us feeling gloomy and depressed in life. They begin to occupy our minds and cause feelings of depression and sorrow, leaving us all the more stressed and melancholy in life. The fact is that pessimism and negative emotions are two of our biggest enemies in life. Only people who have mastered the art of controlling their anger, unhappiness, and hopelessness can live a truly meaningful life. But, how can you turn a negative result into a positive one? Well, to do that, you must add a ‘Yet’ to your negative outcomes. This will train your brain to look at things positively instead of creating a negative impact on your mind, body, and overall health. 

People who choose to add ‘Yet’ at the end of a perceived negative result, such as, “I don’t know how to succeed in life -Yet” or “I am unable to finish my work on time-Yet”, it makes you think that you haven’t failed yet. It implies that you are only trying to rethink a strategy and will achieve the desired results sooner or later. 

Once you have discovered how adding ‘Yet’ can help you to get rid of opposing feelings and gain more control over your situation, you will automatically get past your failures and overcome all your roadblocks and fears. 

This will help you to recognize your present challenges and also come to terms with the idea that your negative result is only momentary and will soon transform into a successful or positive one. It is this very thought process and approach that helps people to overcome the hurdles in their lives with conviction and minimal effort. 

It’s All About Changing Your Perspective

The fact is that no one can push you towards negative thinking but you. If you continue to feel pessimistic, you will end up surrounding yourself with pessimism further. Thus, it is a change in the perspective that you require. Adding ‘Yet’ towards the end of your negative thinking will prompt you to transform your approach and overall perspective. It encourages you to view things differently and with a better mindset. In turn, you begin to find ways to fulfill your desired objectives. Thus, you begin to change the way you handle things in life and become a proactive individual. It is only those individuals who can add ‘Yet’ at the end of their negative outcome that can truly achieve success both in their professional and personal lives. 

Helps you to boost Confidence

One of the major benefits of adding ‘Yet’ to your negative outcome is that you learn to take complete charge of your actions and life. You begin to realize that all the bad things in your life can be undone and set right by working hard towards the final goal. This boosts your confidence level and enables you to move in the appropriate direction. 

In a Nutshell

If you want to overcome the hurdles in your life, then learn to add ‘Yet’ at the end of your negative result. This way, you won’t feel stuck, depressed, and lost anymore, and will know how to achieve positive results and vibrations in your life.

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